Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things pregnancy has made me do!

* Cry at a cheesy Taylor Swift song.

* Almost cry at cheesy movie previews.

*Have a love hate relationship with my husband (love him when he does exactly what i say to do, and when he brings me food), (hate him when he annoys me.. all day.. all he has to do is look at me wrong)

*Throw up food at first impact with my throat.

*Have a headache all day, every day.

*Forget what i am doing as I'm doing it.

*Break out with acne all over my body

*Feel super tired all day, without the ability of actually getting a good nights rest.

*Cry because my husband threatened to pinch my boob- there sore.

* Obsess over if my baby is doing ok in there (can you hear mommy?! Let me know your ok with a little kick or something!)

*Look at my belly every day to see if my bump is getting any bigger.

*Countdown the months, weeks, days, and hours until my little girls due date.

Pregnancy is the most amazing thing, i have been very lucky with this pregnancy. I just feel bad for my husband, he's probably more excited for the baby coming out of me so i will become me again! Its funny how pregnancy can make you feel so complete at times, and also like such a basket case at times! In the end its all apart of the amazing journey bringing our beautiful daughter Chloe Jane into this world!


  1. Kinsey... I'm so happy for you! I love the connection you already have with your sweet little baby. You're going to be a fantastic Mom because you let yourself love her and care for her so much already.

    Things will balance out sooner than later. It's hard work growing a whole new person. ;) Take care of yourself and enjoy every minute!

  2. LOL this was the best thing to read... "cry because my husband threatened to pinch my boob..." kinsey this is so awesome that you're gonna have a baby! have lots so that one day all of your kids and all of my kids can hang out and do the crazy things we used to do. love you kins!